AFC Wandsworth Football Trials


With the 2013-2014 coming to a close we now have an eye on the 2014-2015 season and will be holding FREE training/trials after Easter at our training ground: The Aspire Centre, 337 Merton Road, London SW18 5JU.

Tuesday 22nd April 2014 – 6.00pm-7.00pm
Tuesday 29th April 2014 – 6.00pm-7.00pm
Tuesday 6th May 2014 – 6.00pm-7.00pm
Tuesday 13th May 2014 – 6.00pm-7.00pm

We can accommodate children who are currently in school years: Yr1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9

Please bring training kit, shin pads and a drink. Children will take part in training sessions alongside current members of the club where all will be assessed on their abilities by our experienced coaches. Please notify the club in advance if you wish to attend a trial date.

Although you do not have to attend all four dates, we would encourage you to try and attend as many as possible.

Please contact Amit on 07801 837146 for more information.


U10 Colts Vs. Ravenscourt Rangers

A big thanks to Ben Pike (Barney’s brother) for this fantastic video of the return game against Ravenscourt Rangers. A great 5-1 result for our U10 Colts.


U7s V  - Bedhead Sky
U8s V  - NO GAME
Venue: Falcon Park
Meet: 10:45am
KO: 11:30am
Venue: Tooting Common
Meet: 9:15am
KO: 10:00am
U9 Colts V  - NO GAME
U9 Youths V - NO GAME
Venue: Tooting Common
Meet: 11:15am
KO:  12:00pm
Venue: Tooting Common
Meet: 9:15am
KO: 10:00am
U10 Colts V – Broomwood U11 Colts V – NO GAME
Venue: Wandsworth Common
Meet: 8:45am
KO: 9:30am
Venue: Wandsworth Common
Meet: 9:15am
KO: 10:00am
U10 Youths V – Independent U11 Youths V - NO GAME
Venue:  Falcon Park
Meet: 11:15am
KO: 12:00pm
Venue: Wandsworth Common; Trinity Road south
Meet: 11:15am
KO:  12:00pm
U10 Juniors V – NO GAME 
Venue: Tooting Common
Meet: 10:15am
KO: 11:00am

29/03/2014 Match Reports

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Match Reports AFC U7s 0 v 1 Westside Youths There are times when you have a great result without having a great performance, and times when you have a great performance without having a great result. This was one of those matches which was both enthralling and gutting to watch. AFC were undoubtedly the better [...]

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3rd May Fixtures

U7s V Clapham Rangers (away)
Venue:  Falcon Park
Meet: 8:45am
KO: 9:30am

U8s V TBA (home)
Venue: TBA
Meet: 9:15am
KO: 10:00am

U9 Youths V No Game (away)
Venue: Tooting Common
Meet: 9:15am
KO: 10:00am

U9 Colts V Bedhead Azzuri (away)
Venue: TBA
Meet: TBC

U10 Juniors V Pioneer (away)
Venue: TBA
Meet: TBA

U10 Youths V Independent (away)
Venue: TBA
Meet: TBA

U10 Colts V Balham Blazers Colts (away)
Venue:  TBA
Meet: TBA

U11 Youths V  Raising Stars (home)
Venue: TBA
Meet: TBA

U11 Colts V No Game (away)
Venue: TBA
Meet: TBA


2013-2014 Goal Scorers 315 goals up!

photo-55Ryder scores the club’s 150th goal of the season

James Oblitey (U8s) – 24
Finn (U9 Colts) – 19
Ryder (U7s) – 15
Max Broughton (U10 Colts) – 15
Finlay (U11 Colts) – 14
Rowan (U9 Colts) – 11
Edward (U8s) – 10
Oscar (U10s Colts) – 10
Conor (U7s) – 9
James Hall (U7s) – 9
Billy R (U9 Colts) – 8
Zaki (U10 Colts) – 8
Rudi (U9 Youths) – 8
Saif (U9 Colts) – 7
Eden (U10 Juniors) – 7
Finn (U11 Colts) – 7
Billy C (U9 Colts) – 7
Alex (U9 Colts) – 7
Rufus (U10 Youths) – 7
Gerald (U11 Colts) – 6
Jude (U9 Youths) – 6
Max (U10 Youths) – 6
Matteo (U9 Colts) -6
Dillon (U7s) – 5
Nathan (U9 Youths) – 5
Yeshaya (U10 Juniors) – 4
Razeen (U7s) – 4
Shiloh (U11 Youths) – 4
Lucios (U9 Youths) – 4
Silas (U9 Youths) – 4
Leo (U10 Youths) – 4
Felix (U11 Colts) – 3
Joe Adams (U11 Colts) – 3
Harrison (U10 Youths) – 3
Leo (U7s) – 3
Jake (U8s) – 3
Joe Pratten (U10 Youths) – 3
Richard (U9 Youths) – 3
Anne (U8s) – 3
Sotiris (U9 Youths) – 2
George (U10 Juniors) – 2
Samson (U11 Colts) – 2
Yash (U10 Juniors) – 2
Zachary (U10 Juniors) – 2
Alan (U9 Youths) – 2
Luke (U10 Colts) – 2
Uriah (U11s Youth) – 1
Dan (U10 Colts) – 1
Barney (U10 Colts) – 1
James Cuff (U7s) – 1
Ben (U11s Youth) – 1
Callum (U9 Colts) – 1
Grace Hall (U8s) – 1
Neo (U11 Youths) – 1
Zaki (U10 Juniors) – 1
Own Goal – 8