Are you a worried child?

Do you need to talk?

If you’re a worried child and need to talk to someone, then Helen Blair, our club welfare officer,  is ready to listen to your worries. She can usually be found at training on a Tuesday night or you can contact her via email:

It’s great having Helen as our Club Welfare Officer as she’s here to help keep all our fantastic footballers safe and sound, so if you’re feeling sad about something then please talk to her.

If you don’t feel brave enough to speak to Helen directly, then perhaps you can tell an adult that you trust and they can talk to Helen for you? Or, maybe you could talk to someone who doesn’t know you? Did you know you can ring the National Childline FREE and they have lots of people ready and willing to listen to children’s problems.

Their main number is 0800 1111 but they even have a special football hotline which is  0808 800 5000.


So don’t feel down – share your troubles!